Practical information > map of Marseille

The organisation committee has the pleasure to welcome you to Marseille !

Here is a map of Marseille with some landmarks useful for the Congress :
- Villa Méditerrannée (green star)
- Train Station Gare St Charles (brown star)
- CROUS Students rooms (red landmark)

Complete Adresses (click landmark on the map) :

Villa Méditerrannée
Esplanade du J4, 13002 Marseille

Train Station "Gare St Charles"
Square Narvik, 13001 Marseille

CROUS Students Rooms
Gaston Berger
43 rue du 141ème RIA, ACCES par le Rue Lucien ROLMER, 13003 Marseille

Gala Dinner of Thursday, the 27th, will take place at Fort Ganteaume (blue landmark on the map)
2 Boulevard Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille

Lunch of Monday, the24th will take place at the Villa Méditerranée (green star on the map)

Lunches from Tuesday, the 25th to Thursday the 27th,
will take place at Musée Regard de Provence (yellow landmark on the map)
Allée Regards De Provence, 5 avenue Vaudoyer, 13002 MARSEILLE

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