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Marine and freshwater interactions
Olivier THOMAS and Elisabeth GROSS
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Impact of Cyanobacterium Microcystis species on Native freshwater Phytoplankton Communities
Simranjeet Kaur  1  , A. S. Ahluwalia * @
1 : Department of Botany
Panjab University - Chandigarh 160014 -  India
* : Corresponding author

Invasion of non-native aquatic algae impact community assembly in freshwater ecosystem. We have a limited understanding of ecological drivers that mediate the invasion success of microscopic organisms. In addition to increased number of studies on invasive plants and animals in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, a few reports suggest the invasion of cyanobacterium Microcystis species to freshwater environments globally. Species of Microcystis are known to release toxic chemicals into environment, thus have potential to effect the composition of the native algal communities and ecosystem functioning. We quantified the invasion of Microcystis species to lakes and water reservoirs in subtropical zone and their impact on the native and the co-occurring species of Monoraphidium and Scenedesmus. We generated data on invasive traits such as high growth rate, better resource utilization efficiency and overall superior competitive abilities over the native species. Since global warming has been identified as a major driving force for the invasion of cyanobacteria, we visualize the future major impact of Microsystis invasion. We will discuss why algal invasion is important in context of freshwater communities, and how it could potentially damage our ecosystem services.

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